Kickstarter is an online platform which gives the public an opportunity to back creative projects. In our case the backers will be supplying the funds for the creation of the Legacy of Love book which showcases the writing, art and photography of 48 famous contributors.  In return these "backers" will receive various different “rewards”. These will range from a copy of the book, a copy of the limited edition book, wonderful limited edition prints, embellished prints, books, a gorgeous sculpture and T-shirts. See below for more information.

If the Kickstarter campaign fails to reach its goal, no funds will be taken from the pledges. The Kickstarter will start at 09.00hrs (UK time) on 25 June 2021.  You can sign up to be notified on this Kickstarter page.


Kickstarter allows pledges for various items to support the project. In our case the book itself will be pledged at £45 (RRP £50) or more if you're feeling extra generous! Here's just a few of the rewards.

Front Cover A1_web.jpg

Pledge £45 or more.  This will be the first opportunity to buy this first edition copy of Legacy of Love (RRP £50). With 48 contributors writing in celebration of animals with paintings, sculpture, and photographs showing their unique connection to nature.

Asian Elephants Kick_web.jpg

Pledge £725 or more. Award winning wildlife artist Gary Hodges has donated a unique 2021 embellished print of Asian Elephants number 848/850, originally published and sold out in 1993. To  add to its collectability, this print has been co-signed by Rula  Lenska and Virginia McKenna OBE. Comes with the Legacy of Love book.

H Irvine - Runforwilddogs painting 300dp

Pledge £95 or more. Award winning contemporary wildlife, equestrian and nature inspired artist Heather Irvine has donated five copies of Blue Dog.  It is limited to just 30 signed and numbered prints.  Comes with the Legacy of Love book.

Painted Wolves.jpg

Pledge £350 or more. Award-winning photographer Nicholas Dyer has donated a very special book already sold out,  Painted Wolves: A Wild Dog’s Life. This numbered book is from an edition of just 100. It is signed by both Nicholas Dyer and Peter Blinston and brings together Nicholas's stunning photographs with amazing stories from living for 6 years alongside the Dynasties packs in the Zambezi Valley. They are combined with Peter's first-hand conservation knowledge. Comes with the Legacy of Love book.

hunting party copy-Edit_ web.jpg
suzie bronze horse and bird.jpg

Pledge £390 or more. Legacy of Love book founder Lynne Chitty has donated a six inch foundry bronze horse and bird sculpture by Suzie Marsh. It is number 14/24 of the limited edition. Suzie sculpts in clay before firing it to stoneware to give a suitable medium for the foundry work from. The hot bronze casting  technique is unsurpassed. Comes with the Legacy of Love book.


Pledge £95 or more. Multi award-winning wildlife and landscape artist Derek Robertson has  donated five copies of his beautiful Living Landscapes book. It is an  exclusive, limited edition fine art book of 1000 copies signed by  Derek. He will also personalise each copy for the five buyers. Comes with the Legacy of Love book.