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Nick Mackman is an award winning animal sculptor. Her work is held in private collections around the world and is prized for its striking intensity and personality. Her art is informed by her life-long love of animals. Through her work she actively supports wildlife conservation projects at home and abroad.


This stunning bronze pangolin sculpture captures the highly endangered pangolin, showing how vulnerable it is without the protection of its keratin scales, which it uses for protection from predators by curling itself into a tight ball. You can find out more about pangolins and the story behind this sculpture in Nick's chapter in the Legacy of Love book. Pangolin is released in a limited edition of just 9. 


Nick contributed a chapter to the Legacy of Love book.


Price includes mainland shipping within the UK and VAT. See 'shipping info' for orders outside the UK.


Pangolin in Bronze L/E by Nick Mackman

  • Size: 30X35X15CM  ( Measurements are approximate. )

    Edition of 9



  • Price includes mainland shipping within the UK and VAT. International shipping by arrangement. Price without VAT £6,662. International orders may be subject to duty/taxes locally. Please contact us for information.

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