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Ugandan born Karen Laurence-Rowe is an multi award winning artist working successfully in both the mediums of oil and watercolour. In 2012, Karen won the top award at the prestigious David Shepherd Wildlife Artist of the year competition with a large Oil on Canvas, ‘Rothschild Mirage’. 


The shimmering vision of the critically endangered Rothschild Giraffe as they reflect in their mirage poses the question ‘Will they disappear as quickly as the mirage as you near? Karen regularly donates to various wildlife groups to help ensure that endangered beauties like these do not!


Karen contributed a chapter to the Legacy of Love book.


Rothschild Mirage L/E on Canvas by Karen Laurence-Rowe

  • From an addition of 50.

    Signed Print on canvas.

    100 x 53 cm printed on Artist Exhibition Canvas


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