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You are invited to sponsor one of the contributors of this beautiful book. It can be in memory of someone special (animal or human) or in your own name or in the name of your business.  All funds raised from this initiative will be for this Legacy of Love project so that every penny possible can go to charity.


 Your donation will be acknowledged with a short dedication in this 318 page coffee table style book.

Starting bids £30

Bids close at 6pm on Sunday 4th July 2021

Email your sponsorship bid to

Lynne will let you know if you have been outbid in case you would like to submit a higher offer.

Contributor pages to sponsor are:

Julie Askew - artist

Martin Aveling - artist

Pam Ayres MBE - poet  

Lynne Chitty - poet - deacon

Angela Collins - founder and chair of Care 4 Cats Ibiza

Guy Combes - artist

Dave Currey - photographer- co-founder of the Environmental Investigation Agency 

Nicholas Dyer - photographer - author - founder of the Painted Wolf Foundation 

Peter Egan - actor

Pen Farthing - founder of Nowzad - dog charity based in Afghanistan 

Robert Gillmor MBE - artist - co-founder of the Society of Wildlife Artists

Gary Hodges - artist

Heather Irvine - artist

Pieter Kat - founder of Lion Aid 

Diane Keen - actor

Emily Lamb - artist 

Georgina Lamb - CEO of David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation

Karen Laurence Rowe - artist

Ashley Leiman OBE - founder and CEO of the Orangutan Foundation 

Rula Lenska - actor

Dame Maureen Lipman - actor

George Logan - photographer   

Joanna Lumley OBE - actor

Philip Lymbery -  global chief executive of Compassion in World Farming 

Nick Mackman - sculptor 

Christine Macsween - founder of Lion Aid 

Suzie Marsh - sculptor

Nigel Marven - wildlife filmmaker -TV presenter

Stella Mays - artist 

John Nettles OBE - actor

Lesley Nicol - actor

Karen Paollilo - founder of the Turgwe Hippo Trust

Margot Raggett - photographer - founder of Remembering Wildlife books

Ian Redmond OBE - ape and forest elephant expert

Darren Rees - artist

Dan Richardson - actor - photographer  

Derek Robertson - artist

Jill Robinson MBE - founder of Animals Asia

Chris Rose - artist

Jonathan and Angela Scott - photographers - artists - presenters - founders of the Sacred Nature Initiative

Jenny Seagrove - actor - founder of Mane Chance

Martin Shaw - actor

Angela Sheldrick - CEO of Sheldrick Wildlife Trust 

David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation's 'Wildlife Artist of the Year' competition winners portfolio  

Lauren St John - author 

Richard Symonds - artist 

Simon Trapnell - director of Nature in Art museum

Will Travers OBE - co-founder of Born Free

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