This book cover is a mock-up: actual cover will display pictures from all contributors and only layouts of contributors  already designed are shown. There will be many more.

"The words and images in this fascinating book will transport

us all into a world where kindness and beauty can embrace

us all – if we open our eyes and our hearts." 

Virginia McKenna OBE,  Co-Founder, Born Free Foundation

My favourite animals to watch are sloths and sifakas. Who could fail to love a three toed sloth with its Lone Ranger mask, Harpo Marx grin and under active metabolism, and the sight of sifakas bounding and leaping sideways never ceases to make me slowly sink to the ground in silent merriment" 

Dame Maureen Lipman DBE, Actor

Legacy of Love will be a luxury, coffee table book, filled with heartfelt words, stunning photos and beautiful art. A Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign will be launched at 09.00 (UK time) 25 June to raise the funds for this creative project. All profits from book sales will go to  the Animal Charities featuring in the book.

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This beautiful unique book brings together 48 charity founders, actors, poets, artists and photographers, each contributing a chapter explaining and celebrating their love of animals in personal words and stunning pictures.

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Gary Hodges drawings

Gary Hodges double page spread

Nick Mackman sculpture

Nick Mackman double page spread